An Overview about Mathematics

Mathematics is great for the improving and developing a person’s intellectual competence in analysis, logical reasoning, visualization, and abstract thought. Students develop numerical knowledge, reasoning ability, thinking skills and problem-solving skills by the learning and applying mathematics. These skills are not only used in science and technology but also in everyday living and in the workplace.  And many tuition centers are now for developing these skills by clearly teaching mathematics to the students. Even there is much well-established Math tuition center in Singapore for the education development of students. To be developed as a highly skilled both in the aspect of scientifically- and technologically a student must require a strong foundation in mathematics.

History of Mathematics:

The origin of the term mathematics is from the Greek word mathematics, which was used quite generally in early writings to indicate any subject of instruction or study. As continued learning advance, it was found convenient to restrict its scope to a certain limit of knowledge. The Pythagoreans are said to have used it to describe arithmetic and geometry; previously, each of these subjects had been called by its separate name, with no designation common to both. The Pythagoreans’ use of the name may be a hint that mathematics began in Classical Greece during the years from 600 to 300 B.C. But its history can be started even before that. It is commonly said that mathematics was originated with the practical problems of counting and recording numbers. In ancient days, counts were maintained by making scratches on stones, by cutting notches in wooden sticks or pieces of bone, or by tying knots in strings of different colors or lengths. When the numbers of marks became too many numbers to visualize, most of the people arranged them in easily identifying groups such as groups of 5, for the fingers of a hand.

Aims of Mathematics Education in School:
Mathematics education aims for students are as follows:

•          Acquire the needed concepts and skills of mathematics and related disciplines for everyday life.

•          Develop the needed process skills for applying the mathematical concepts and skills in everyday life.

•          Develop the thinking and problem-solving skills of mathematics and apply them in solving real-life situations.

•          Identify and use connections among various mathematical ideas.

•          Positive attitude development.

•          Various Mathematical tools in the learning and application of mathematics.

•          Produce creativity and imaginative work with the use of mathematical ideas.

Develop the reasoning ability and learn mathematics cooperatively and independently.The understanding of different conceptions of mathematics is as important to the development and successful implementation of programs in school mathematics as it is to the conduct and interpretation of research studies. As Mathematics is a dynamic, growing field of study, for Students in high school and college mathematics is a must studying subject. Math is important for an individual’s mental activity. It challenges those who excel in the arts to use the other part of their brain and stimulates thoughts that they might not have used before. And certainly, to develop in their studies may choose the option of attending Maths tuition. In the case of Mathematics tuition center Singapore has many and is widespread to develop these skills in children from an early stage.

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